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(See Changes at bottom of page)


  1. New camper sites must be approved by Tony Wynn

  2. All new buildings and porches must be approved by Tony Wynn

  3. All trapping requires permission by Tony Wynn, 3 hog limit – gun and trap applies   

  4. Hunters must sign in on book and board

  5. Hunters must log kill in book at sign in shed with date, field, stand# or name

  6. Hunter must record measurements of antlered-deer in record book

  7. Club limit – 1 un-antlered deer per member per season

  8. No driving on food plots or around gates—THIS IS A MUST

  9. No alcohol while hunting

  10. Violation of state game laws may result in loss of membership

  11. All carcasses are to be disposed of in approved pit

  12. No shooting across Blue Creek

  13.  No littering on roads, woods, shooting houses, and campgrounds



  1. Guest will be limited to 4 days per year, per guest; any un-antlered deer killed by guest will be charged to sponsoring member; Guest fee $25.00

  2. Guest will be charged a $100.00 kill fee, applicable to following year’s membership, if available. Guest must wear guest badge visibly, and place dues and kill fee in box in sign-in shed.

  3. All quest must sign in as guest and write-in name of sponsoring member

  4. Ex-members require prior approval before hunting as a guest



  1. Each member is required to work 4 days per year

  2. 2015 Work days: Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

  3. Alternate work days can be arranged by contacting

  1. Tony Wynn, 256-747-6327

  2. Alternate work list will be posted at sign-in sheds

  1. Hunting privileges will be suspended until December 1st for anyone not complying with work day rules



  1. No overnight ‘girlfriends’ at camp

  2. Camper setup and water and power hookups must be approved by Tony Wynn

  3. Yearly power bill is paid in advance at $350 per camper space occupant.

  1. Exceptions will be decided by club management

  1. Camper or material left on club property over 120 days after membership expires will be disposed of at owner’s expense


Mail 2015 dues [$1200] to:                                                                           Mail Electric Bill [$350] to:

                Tony Wynn                                                                                            Charles Bannerman

                 24 County RD 1058                                                                              12708 Lock 15 Rd.        

                 Vinemont, AL 35179                                                                             Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

                 256-747-6327                                                                                Total due March 31, 2015

            Due by March 31, 2015



2014 Buckhorn Club Rule Changes


Please read and understand the following changes to the rules. Many of these changes are significant and will require a change in practices by every club member. Club management believes better food plots will improve hunting on the club.

  1. Eleven [11] fields were set aside as private fields. Then applicants for those fields drew numbers and chose their fields.  A fee of $200.00 per season above 2014 club dues is required; and only the payee or their designate may hunt within 100 yards of that field. Private Field owners are responsible for planting and up-keep of private fields. This raises $2200.00 for the club treasury to be applied toward the club lease. Private Field List will be posted in sign in sheds.

  2. Each member will no longer be required to furnish seed and fertilizer. The club will furnish this. To cover this cost and to insure that “all” members are equally invested in the 60 remaining fields; the yearly dues will be increased to $1200.00 by March 31, 2014. If you need additional time to pay your dues, or to arrange an installment plan contact Tony Wynn.   

  3. The 2013 power bill was to be paid in advance for the 26 dwellings on the grid. 2013 bill was $310.00 to be paid by March 31, 2013. Twelve [12] dwellings have not paid their bill. Charles Bannerman is out $5,235.00 of his personal money to keep our power on.   

  4. In regard to item #3 the following change is necessary. If you are one of the 12 dwellers that have not paid 2013 year’s electric bill, you will not be issued a 2014 permit until 2013 electric bill has been paid. 

  5. Members interested in being the owner of a field or adding a new field must get club approval. Contact Tony Wynn, Tom Wynn, Charles Taylor or Hal Way. Owner pays all private field expenses.



Private Field List


Field                                       Owner


1. T.W. Patch                      Tony Wynn

2. Barnett                            Dustin Barnes

3. Wildpatch                        Kevin Barnes

4. Old Duck Pond                David Price

5. Elmer’s Hill                      Charles Price

6. DL’s                                 Ricky Laney

7. Crossland                        Tom Wynn

8. Tom’s                               Loyd Johnston                  

9. Redhouse                        Steve Calzada

10. 4A                                  Tony Price

11. 3                                    Charles Maples



**Only the owner’s or owners’ designee may hunt within 100 yards of private fields.**

Violation will result in loss of hunting permit. It is each member’s responsibility to know where these fields are and to respect their sanctity.

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